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dear friends and lovers

i did a album last year called "i am your girl "
one of the most important song on the album for me was "walking in heaven"
i was not really making a song i was in a state of grief and i sang this words over a song i loved wery much.. it was my dilouge to boy.
then i found it later and knew it had to be the last song of the album..
it had a lot of personal meaning for me… then i put the vocal clean out on soundcloud and give artist freedom to it, so people could make what they wanted, i only wanted to hear it and put it out togehter… they could cut it up, use one sentence, make noise ore soft ore techno death metal ore what ever they want.

this album here is dedicated to this different versions people send me ...
i collect them all together and release them here....
they are also released in 10 limited copys of a cd.

thank you all for taking part and making such wonderful edits love to ludwig giersch, kakawaka, heiða eiriksdottir, elvar sævarsson,
dick vegas, tzii, sean derrick cooper marquardt, joseph marzolla, thank you... much love

cover drawing of berglind made by ernst markus stein thank you.

lyric by berglind

walking through heaven
you held my hand that night
and there was all this electricity
in the palms of you hands

you slept in my arms
you said you like me a lot
and we made a song together
and you said you home was my home
and you liked my smell and i kissed nice
and i was special

part of everything
magic together
like innocent kittens

part of everything
magic together
like innocent kittens
and poetry

i felt all this warmth coming from you
and all this light inside my heart
what i fell when i hold you
when i hold you

now my heart is broken
now you close the door
and i hear you laughing with you friends inside

all i wanna do
is hold you close and talk to you

don´t listen with my brain
but with my heart
don´t listen with my brain
but with my heart

like i was special
part of everything
we had this magic

like innocent kittens
and poetry
like innocent kittens
and poetry
and poetry
and poetry

album review rokmusik.co/album/walking-in-heaven/


released July 9, 2014



all rights reserved